Biologists and zoologists have prepared a taxonomic chart listing 25 distinct Hamster types or species, there are five types of hamsters that are popular as pets. The most popular and admired of all hamster breeds is the Syrian Golden hamster that abounds in a variety of hair types and color.

Golden brown coat and an off-white belly, is the most commonly available.
Winter white dwarf Russian hamsters are very tiny in size and a sociable lot like Campbell Russian hamsters. The winter dwarf comes in three distinct hues of sapphire-pearl, pearl, and sapphire, and has a lifespan of nearly 2 years.
Campbell Dwarf Russian hamsters don’t like being fondled as much as golden hamsters do, so you need to exercise caution in handling them. Nevertheless, they can be domesticated to a considerable extent, only that you need to be extra alert when you bring them out of the cage.
The Roborovski breed is another dwarfish hamster that generally measures about 1 to 1-and-a-half inches in size, but more often than not can attain a size of 4 inches.
Chinese hamsters grow up to 4-5 inches in length and have a grayish, brownish or striped coat with white bellies. This breed of hamster has a very mild temperament and make for terrific pets.

Panda Hamster

Panda Hamster

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Fancy Hamster

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Black Bear Hamster

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Chinese Hamster

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