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Black Bear Hamster

The black bear hamster, also known as the black teddy bear, black Syrian hamster, or European black bear, is not a recognized breed. Some consider it as a color variety of the Syrian breed, while others believe that it is a separate subtype of the long-haired teddy bear-like Syrian hamsters. Initially bred in 1985, this hamster type is known for its characteristic black markings and gentle personality.

Quick Information

Kept as Housepets
Suited for Families with kids, inexperienced owners
Origin France
Are they friendly Yes
Personality Docile, pleasant, quite territorial
How long do they live Average lifespan: 2-3 years

Maximum life expectancy: 5-6 years

Hypoallergenic Yes
Association/Clubs None
Breed Standard None

How Big do They Get

Size: 5-6 inches

Weight: 4-6 ounces

Height: 7 inches

Width: 5-6 inches

What do They Look Like

Color: Dark jet-black or brown, some have white fur on their paws and bellies

Fur type: Thick, slightly glossy, satin or rex type coat, longer fur in males

Care Information

Care Level: Moderate

Provide the right food, maintain a proper feeding schedule, wash out cage accessories, and spend time with it every day.

Cage Size

Choose a cage that is at least 24”x12”x12” (about 60cm X 30cm X 30cm) with bar spacing less than half an inch. It should consist of more than 1,000 sq. cm of usable floor space.


Brush its thick, long hairs once a week using a small flea brush. If gentle brushing does not remove tangles or mats, trim the hairs off little by little.


Since black bear hamsters are prone to obesity, it needs regular activity. Accessories like an exercise wheel and plastic toys such as running balls, placed inside the cage, will ensure that it remains active.


Two to three tablespoons of packaged seed mix per day (without husks), one or two pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables (a few stalks of broccoli, celery, apple, and bell pepper) daily, occasionally small pieces of cooked chicken, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, or mealworms


In addition to the cost of setting up a cage, you can expect to pay an average of $50 a month to keep a black bear hamster.


It usually sheds more than other breeds like the Roborovski and Chinese hamsters but can be managed with weekly brushing.

Interesting Facts

  • They are typically solitary animals and should not be kept together in a cage.
  • Male black bear hamsters are called ‘boars’, and the females are known as ‘sows’.

Pictures of Black Bear Hamster

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