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Panda Hamster

The panda hamster, also called panda bear hamster, is a variety of Syrian hamsters known for its unique coat coloration. As its name suggests, the hamster variety has a black body with white patches similar to that of panda bears. It has a round body with large, erect ears, and its belly and feet are covered with white hairs. These hamsters were first observed in the Middle East in the late 18th century, and they were introduced in the Americas in the early 20th century.

Quick Information

Kept as Housepets
Suited for Families with kids, singles, owners who stay up late
Origin Probably in the Middle East
Are they friendly Yes
Personality Loving, gentle, prefers solitude, can become aggressive if startled
How long do they live 2-3 years, some can survive up to 4 years
Hypoallergenic No
Association/Clubs None
Breed Standard None

How Big do They Get

Size: 5-6 inches long

Weight: 5-7 ounces

Height: 6-7 inches

Width: 7-8 inches

What do They Look Like

Color: Black and white markings

Fur type: Thick, dense, can be glossy

Care Information

Care Level: Moderate

Take out soiled bedding with an animal scoop, clean water bottles and food bowls daily, replace the bedding every week

Cage Size

The minimum cage space recommended for keeping hamsters is 450 square inches, but you can always go for a bigger cage because it will keep your hamster happy and active. Since they are not sociable by nature, it is advisable not to keep more than one panda hamsters in one cage.


Brush its coat with a comb or cat flea brush every week, trim its nails using a pair of nail clippers when they grow excessively long


Being an active animal, a panda bear hamster should be kept entertained. Place various chew toys, tasty treats, interactive toys, and a robust exercise wheel in the cage to keep your hamster happy.


One-two tablespoons of pellets per day, a few bits of fresh vegetables and fruits (including carrot, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, apple, pear, and peach) each day, and Timothy hay (should constitute less than 10% of its regular diet)


Although the price of a panda hamster is less, the cost of setting up its cage and owning it can be high.


It sheds regularly, but it reaches its peak during the spring and fall, which can be controlled by brushing twice or thrice a week.

Interesting Facts

  • Panda hamsters are affected by respiratory infections, wet tail disease, and skin diseases like cysts and tumors.
  • They should never be disturbed when they are resting or sleeping, as this can surprise them and make them irritable and aggressive.

Pictures of Panda Hamster

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