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Can You Bathe a Hamster?

Those who have hamsters as their pets do not need to bathe them regularly as it may wash away the natural oils from his body and might endanger his health. You can keep your pet clean without actually bathing him. However, bathing the rodent might become an absolute necessity in the event of his coat taking on an obstinate varnish or if anything toxic is sticking on its fur that might be harmful for it.

How often to bathe a hamster?

Under normal circumstances, hamsters can do fine and remain perfectly healthy without taking a bath even once in its entire lifetime. However, if you cannot avoid the possibility of cleaning your hamster, you can proceed by adhering to guidelines recommended by a certified veterinarian. Bathe only after ensuring if something is sticking on its fur or if he has doused himself in some toxic chemical.

Are you supposed to bath a hamster?

can u bathe a hamsterThe necessity to give your pet hamster a bath might also arise if and when your hamster is malodorous. He could be emitting a stinking smell if he is not keeping well or it could be because fecal matter or thread from bedding is sticking to his fur. If you’ve an inkling or hunch that the pet may be ill, you should immediately consult a vet or better still if you could take him directly to the physician.

If he’s emanating a foul smell due to other reasons mentioned above, then one good way of getting rid of the smell is by cleaning the cage more often, at least once weekly. Also, make it a point to thoroughly clean his bedding as well, not less than once in a week. You can try offering him a bath in chinchilla sand if he appears too dirty or clumsy. You can source chinchilla sand from any standard pet store. Transfer the sand to a bowl and take pleasure in observing the cute pet rolling about in the sand. Sand serves or works as an excellent absorbent as it sops up dust particles or dirt stuck on its fur. Keep changing the sand every week with a fresh bowl of the same as the hamster has a tendency to poop or pee on sand owing to the texture of the mixture.

How to bathe a hamster?

For bathing, fill up a basin or a large bowl with a couple mugs of tepid warm water. Thereafter, add a single drop of pet shampoo and properly stir the water. Dip a washcloth fully into the bowl and after soaking the same, wring it free from water. Swab the fur of the hamster in a downwards direction in a manner similar to petting the rodent. After, you’re done swabbing the pet wipe her dry with a clean and soft towel using descending strokes.

Why can’t you bathe a hamster?

Bear in mind that giving your hamster a full bath where you soak it in water might cause him to catch a cold, and make him fall ill. In the worst possible case scenario, he might die.

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