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Can Hamsters See in the Dark?

Hamsters prefer to doze off during the daytime when the rest of the world is actively at work. In fact, hamsters tend to be crepuscular in their natural habitats i.e. they’re most active during the twilight period at dusk and dawn.

Since hamsters tend to be most active during nighttime, it is quite natural on your part to enquire, how well do hamsters see in the dark? Yes, hamsters can see at night and are also able to find their way in the darkness. You might start thinking that do hamsters see better in the dark? Not really, it is an established fact that their vision or eyesight is not good. At the same time, hamsters are color-blind, which means they’re unable to perceive or distinguish colors of different objects or things.

How Hamsters React to Darkness?

Being nocturnal, you’d observe that your pet prefers to forage for food, ride the hamster wheel, and prance around in his cage mostly at night. You’d also find that the hamster takes foods that you offer, mostly at nighttime. And if you desire to watch the antics and the humorous side of his character, you’ll have to wait until dark.

Hamsters tend to come out of their hideouts when the sun is setting and rummage for food as long as the sun is not again visible on the horizon. Their genetic makeup or predisposition tends to make them feel more energetic and active under the cover of darkness. So, you should ensure that the lights in his cage are switched off during the night as well as ascertain to buddy up with him strictly at night.

How Hamsters Cope with Their Poor Vision During Daytime?

could hamsters see in the dark

As the night wears out and the first rays of the sun filter streak inside your house, your pet will become desperate to retire to his bedding as he’s completely worn out. His nocturnal rummaging and activities tire him out so excessively that he is fast asleep during daytime and disturbing him while he’s sleeping can irritate him hugely.

So, if you’ve kids at home, you’ll be better off advising them to stay away from the hamster’s cage during the day. Attempts to rouse the rodent from its sleep can annoy him and it can end up biting the individual. You should be understanding and liberal regarding the hamster’s penchant for sleeping during the day.

Learning to Live with Your Pet Hamster

can hamsters see better in the dark

Can Hamsters see well in the Dark?

Before you decide to bring home a hamster, you should be mentally prepared to adjust with its lifestyle that is in sharp contrast to your ways of living. Since these tiny rodents persistently forage for food during the night, you might be roused from your sleep or may have trouble falling asleep owing to their scrapings or digging. Sounds produced due to their romps, frolics and playful activities might also disturb your sleep.

So that you and your hamster can coexist peacefully, make sure that his cage is not kept in the same room as your bedroom. See to it that the light bulb in the cage is not turned on at night and also ensure that children do not come anywhere near the cage when he’s asleep.

Important Tip

If you intend to welcome the hamster into your family then treat him exactly in the same way as you’d treat another member of your kin.

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