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10 Quick Facts About Hamsters

Following are 10 interesting facts about these marvelous species. 

  1. Have an inveterate tendency to hoard food in pouches or sacs of their cheeks. This is why they’re called hamsters (terminology derived from ‘Hamstern’-the German word for hoarding).
  2. Essentially wild animals, they’re very gregarious, and hence can be easily domesticated & trained to perform various tricks as well as respond when called out by names.
  3. They are neither diurnal nor nocturnal, but actually crepuscular signifying that they’re on the go during dusk.
  4. Total of 24 species that come in an extensive variety of sizes with the largest being 34cms, while the dwarf i.e. the smallest hamster measuring up to 5.5-10.5cm long.
  5. Are omnivorous and consume everything from nuts, grains, seeds to lizards, frogs and insects.
  6. Since their incisors grow constantly, they’ve to keep on munching all the time to prevent their teeth from outgrowing them.
  7. Hamsters pups don’t get to see the light of the day until they’re two weeks old.
  8. Champion breeders, with the sows (female hamster) sometimes giving birth to 24 pups at one go where the average delivery rate is about 7 pups.
  9. Golden Hamster, a breed native to Syria, and also the most admired of all breeds, is fiercely territorial and may even kill other hamsters entering or sharing its territory.
  10. They’ve very poor eyesight and rely more on their olfactory nerves compared to optic nerves for moving from one place to another.


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