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Top 10 Cages for Hamster

Since cage is very essential for the well being of your cute little hammy, it is better to choose it carefully. Your choice of cages for accommodating the lovely hamster must be based on factors like size, budget, maintenance, safety and species type. For convenience, you can refer to the following list of cages below that can be purchased online:

Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof 4 Story Cage for Hamsters

Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof 4-Story Hamster Cage

This cage comes with a durable metallic design with 4 story rooms. The cage is made of metallic wire and comprises of ramps and shelves for facilitating smooth movement while playing This cage comes with removable metallic drop pan which helps you to clean its interior quite easily. The size of this cage is about 12.8 x 17 x 24 inches.

  • Simple to clean
  • Good ventilation
  • Openings between bars of this cage can allow small sized hamsters to escape (so ensure checking out the size before purchasing).
  • Dogs and cats can easily penetrate their claws to cause injury to hamster (so keep them away from the cage)

Duna Fun Décor Hamster Cage

Duna Fun Décor Hamster Cage

The price of this colorful cage is only $86.99 and its dimension is approximately 21,65 x 18,5 x H 14,76 inches. This cage comprises of plastic base and top along with a wired mesh. Its removable base helps you to properly clean the interiors very conveniently. Accessories that are available in this cage mainly include the transparent tubes, feeder, wheel, plastic shelves along with ladder, drinking bottle and nest. The grid of this cage which is located in its upper portion can be easily closed and opened with the help of two plastic clips. The colorful cage can be easily connected with other units. The area is pretty large facilitating easy roaming of your cute hammy.

  • Supports proper ventilation and visibility
  • Prevents inappropriate or unwanted attention from pets and children
  • Hamsters have the option to form nests inside the tunnel
  • Large sized hamsters can get stuck inside the tube tunnel (so be sure about your hamster size before selecting)

Super Pet Critter Trail Extreme Challenge Habitat

The dimension of this colorful cage is about 20 x 11.5 x 18 inches. The cage comes with accessories like activity wheel, food dish, water bottle and removable petting zone. It can be easily assembled and cleaned. The interior surface is based on the technology of super protect that offer the healthy habitat environment to your pet. The wire front door of this cage enables you to access your pet anytime. The price of this cage is only $38.45.

  • The door locks offer added security and accessibility
  • Provides decent ventilated environment

Ferplast Hamster Cage

It is a modular cage and has been designed to facilitate easy attachment with other habitats of your pet hammy with the help of special connecting caps. The price of this cage is only $72.51 and its dimension is about 23.6 x 14.4 x 11.8 inches. The cage is a combination of highly transparent plastic base and net wire structure. It is equipped with essential accessories like wheel, steel nozzle, drinking bottle, food bowl and nest. The upper floor is useful for developing additional large space for relaxing and eating.

YML2 Level Blue Hamster Cage

The cage comes with a plastic wire bar and heavy blue base. The price of this colorful cage is only $23.99 and its dimension is only about 15 x 11 x 9 inches. The cage arrives with accessories such as a rotating wheel, food bowl, house and a ladder.

Exploration Land Hamster Cage

The price of this exciting looking cage is only $69.99 and its dimension is about 36 x 27 x 42.5 cm. The cage has been built to provide both the pet and the owner a chance to interact with each other freely. There is a smaller climbing wall on the outside portion of the house through which your hamster can climb to the interaction door quite easily. From this door you can easily feed your hamster without any risk of it escaping.

PACC Pets 57922699 Stadium Hamster Cage

The cage is based on a unique design and can be conveniently connected with other units of hamsters. The removable roof of this cage supports easy cleaning and its plastic base can be detached easily. The accessories of the cage mainly include ladder sticker, drinking bottle, shelf feeder, plastic wheel and nest. It provides large playing space to the hamster and its top wire structure forms a protective roof over your cute hammy. The price of this cage is only $97.98 with dimensions of about 19.5 x 13.4 x 13 inches.

Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat

The cage offers comfortable, safe and durable habitat environment to the hamsters. It has been designed to offer decent air circulation. It can also be cleaned conveniently and supports easy connection with other habitat items of your hamster. There is a plastic door in the cage that helps to secure your pet inside. It comes with other accessories like litter guard, chew resistant water bottle, silent exercise wheel, ladder, etc. The price of this cage is only $24.80

Habitrail Twist

It is based on a unique design and helps you to easily view and locate your pet from every angle. It supports optimal air ventilation through wire structure and comprises of a plastic door at the top for allowing decent accessibility inside the cage. This door is also made of plastic and comprises of sliding lock to prevent the hamster from escaping. The plastic base prevents drafts and its rounded corners prevent gnawing and supports easy cleaning. The cage comprises of elevated area of feeding. The cage can be bought from Amazon at a nominal price of $41.74

Penn Plax Rainforest Hamster Homes    

The cage will surely make your hamster feel of being in its natural surroundings as it is designed with a greenish background. It comes with useful items like ladder, play wheel, feeding cup, water bottle and so on. It is ideal for keeping dwarf sized hamster and is quite portable to be carried in any place. Its price is $44.49 only.

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