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Peanut Butter

Certain type of nuts to your pet hamster like almonds or peanuts with their shells on are supposed to be good for your hamster. So, does it imply that hamsters can eat peanut butter? Of course, you can try to introduce peanut butter in moderate amounts on an experimental basis and it is best served if smeared thinly on loaves of soaked bread. Always read the fine print on the bottle label or sticker that gives a listing of the ingredients and the exact proportion or concentration of peanut butter.

Can a can syrian hamsters eat peanut butter? How much should be offered?

Remember that even a pinch of peanut butter can be quite heavy for your hamster as the sugar concentration is rather high. Consulting an animal nutritionist or dietician who can plan your pet’s diet regimen would be a practical step that you can do with. Serving peanut butter in extremely small concentrations along with other food items like fruits or vegetables would be more practicable instead of exclusively offering the same.

What are the benefits if hamsters eat peanut butter?

Since peanut butter is very rich in nutrients, you should offer it only once in a while, much like cheese flakes or potato chips. Health benefits of partaking peanut paste are numerous that can help keep your domesticated hamster hale and hearty provided you present it to the pet in judicious combination with other foods. For instance, peanut butter can furnish your pet with enough calories to keep her active and provide energy to fuel her nocturnal roundabouts.

At the same time, peanuts can keep hamsters from gaining undue weight, and in fact, it can be instrumental in helping her to shed excess fat in case she becomes obese. Being high in fiber content, peanut butter can also help prevent constipation and its rich protein content can furnish surplus energy. Peanut butter is loaded with vitamin B6 that can boost up the hamster’s immune system and the high proportion of potassium will help in muscle build-up.

What are the side effects if excess is offered?

However, there are some obvious downsides to consuming peanut butter that you should keep in mind. For instance, it contains allergens that your hamster might be susceptible to. So, watch out for allergic reactions while you feed the same to your pet. If you find that she feels uncomfortable while consuming it and/or vomits, then you should immediately get in touch with a vet. Furthermore, the presence of lectin can cause arthritis as well as other problems. If your pet does not encounter any problems in the course of consuming peanut butter then ensure to give extremely small portions so that she finds it easy to ingest.

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