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Oranges are considered to be a healthy food and some of us really enjoying having them in large numbers However, you might be wondering if you could actually share your oranges with your pet hamster. But question is, do hamsters eat oranges, rather do they love eating oranges? Without mincing any words that oranges or for that matter any other type of citrus fruit are not beneficial from the viewpoint of hamster’s health. However, you may offer very small quantities in case your pet seems to love eating the fruit. 

Quantities that could be offered

For a start, oranges have a high level of citric acid and sugars that may cause more than good to your hamster, from the perspective of her health. Therefore, even offering a segment or a fraction of it might have an adverse effect on your hamster’s well-being. So, if you want to find out whether your pet likes oranges or not, it is recommended that you offer it in combination with other healthy foods. Also keep in mind that you should never offer oranges on an empty stomach or it may cause unwarranted acidity that might complicate matters.

Health Benefits

Orange is a nutritious and juicy fruit that is loaded with minerals and vitamins including vitamins C, B1, B6, B9, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Nutrients in oranges help in flushing out toxins and excess fluids as well as aid in purifying the blood. Though oranges spell numerous health benefits for human beings, this fruit is not recommended for hamsters. So, it follows that you’ll not want to offer oranges to your hamster if you want to keep her healthy.

Side Effects of Feeding Orange

can hamsters eat fresh orangesThe unusually high content of citric acid may cause gastric problems leading to her being beset with diarrhoea. If you’re giving the fruit for the first time, then ensure to remove the fibres attached to segments and wash the same in running water. Just break a small portion of it and see her reaction when you place the piece in front of her. If the hamster nibbles on it pleasurably and does not regurgitate long after she has swallowed the offering, then you can conclude that she is not allergic to it. In case, she does refrains from biting or chewing on the portion, then you should not compel her to consume the same.

What to Do In Case Your Hamster Falls Ill?

If you’ve fed your hamster with the fruit and she has either regurgitated or went on to have a diarrhoeic attack then you should offer her isotonic or electrolyte solution. Intake of isotonic salts solution will help restore fluid loss from the hamster’s body and prevent her from becoming too weak. Thereafter, you should consult a vet and ask him or her for suggestions or recommendations.

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