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Can Hamsters Eat Cheese? A question many pet owners have always been asking. Well, without mincing words, it can be answered straight away that yes you can offer cheese and cheese products to you hamster but the same should be offered occasionally only as treats.

can dwarf hamsters eat cheeseWhich Breeds of Hamster can cheese be offered to?

  1. Syrian: Yes
  2. Robo: Yes
  3. Winter White: Yes
  4. Campbells’s: Yes
  5. Chinese: Yes

How much Cheese can you offer?

For the type of cheese (or items processed out of cheese for that matter) that can be offered to hamsters, it is recommended to stick to varieties that have a low-fat content. And as far as offering cheese foods of the hard variety is concerned, like cottage cheese then always opt for ones that are mild and contain minimal amounts of fat. In this context, again give piecemeal amounts initially before you can graduate to handing out larger doses.

can a hamster eat cheeseIs Cheese good for your hamster?

Even if your hamster develops a fondness for cheese, you should feed the pet very small portions in the beginning so as to assess whether she has any allergies towards this food. If you observe that your pet stays perfectly healthy and does not have any bout of diarrhea after regularly consuming small handfuls of cheese, then you might consider increasing the quantity and frequency of feeds. But make sure you do not offer it more than twice or thrice a week.

Overdose or side-effects of cheese

It won’t be out of place to mention that people all over the world have been eating variety of cheese routinely for ages. Over, 2000 variants of cheese are available on a global basis and the most popular of these varieties is the mozzarella cheese as it contains a very little proportion of fat. Usually, Hamsters eat cheese quite happily. But, letting your hamster gorge on cheese just because it is one of her favorite treats might lead to her suffering from diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and other abdominal ailments.

Care & Precautions

should hamsters eat cheeseAlways give fresh cheese treats to eat and avoid offering foods straight away after taking them out of the refrigerator. Allow frozen food items to acclimatize and place the same in front of your pet only after they’ve attained room temperature. If the pet excretes soft or green feces or an abnormally large amount, then restrict her diet to crisp bread, boiled rice, and dry bread. Also, keep her on isotonic fluids and let her have chamomile tea atleast three times for a couple of days.

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