can a hamster eat oranges


February 5, 2016 hamsters 0

Oranges are considered to be a healthy food and some of us really enjoying having them in large numbers However, you might be wondering if […]

can a hamster eat almonds


February 5, 2016 hamsters 0

Hamsters like to be pampered with treats occasionally and towards this end, you can offer them veggies and fruits, and sometimes nuts as well. Speaking […]

can a hamster eat lettuce


February 5, 2016 hamsters 0

You should be very particular about the sort of foods that offer to your hamster as you would need to provide the rodent with all […]

can hamsters eat peanut butter crackers

Peanut Butter

February 3, 2016 hamsters 0

Certain type of nuts to your pet hamster like almonds or peanuts with their shells on are supposed to be good for your hamster. So, […]

can hamsters eat tomato sauce


February 3, 2016 hamsters 0

Can Hamsters eat Tomatoes? That question will certainly cross your mind if you’ve a hamster for a pet or are thinking of adopting one. Though […]

winter white dwarf hamsterspets at home

Russian Winter White hamsters

February 3, 2016 hamsters 0

Also referred as Djungarian hamster, the Siberian hamster or the Siberian Dwarf hamster. The most notable feature of the Russian Winter White Hamster is the presence […]

can dwarf hamsters eat strawberries


February 1, 2016 hamsters 0

People desirous of bringing home a hamster and those who already have hamsters as pets might be aware that these rodents prefer munching on fruits’ and […]

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