should hamsters eat breads


February 16, 2016 hamsters 0

Since hamsters enjoy worldwide popularity as affable household pets as much as dogs and cats, an assortment of hamster-specific foods are available in the markets, […]


February 8, 2016 hamsters 0

Hamsters are explorative rodents that keep rummaging for food in almost every conceivable nook and cranny they come across. These small and petite rodents will […]

can hamsters eat a banana


February 8, 2016 hamsters 0

Since nibbling is a favorite activity of the hamsters, bananas serve as a soft fruit that they can munch on easily without it getting stuck in the […]


February 5, 2016 hamsters 0

In case you are thinking if you could actually feed apples to your pet then its worth knowing the facts before you offer it any. […]

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